The QOVE ecosystem

As a fully integrated construction, development and investment company, residents get the benefit of Qove creative minds in all parts of the industry. Selecting and acquiring the next great Australian neighbourhood location. Planning and designing extraordinary living spaces. Pushing creative frontiers. Building for sustainability. Collaborating across all our Qove divisions, right down to the amenities and services that make award-winning communities. We believe home is a place for exceptional and unexpected living experiences as our goal is to create extraordinary communities where people can live remarkably.

Extensive Expertise

We offer an outstanding combination of expertise in residential homes, land development and multi unit projects, making us quite unique in the market. Our combination of highly skilled human resources with proven system are unique.

Solid Partnerships

We have forged some very strong industry partnerships to provide you with outcomes that are unparalleled. We partner with Stockland, James Hardie, CSR, Brickworks and a whole network of large Australian companies.

Design Flexibility

We offer a large range of design options and a very flexible approach to designing to individual needs. A large team of design professionals work hard until you have your desired outcome. We have a policy of never ending improvements so our R&D provides you with more.

Highest Quality

We have set a strict regime of industry leading quality control system with the combination of expertise from a very experienced team and state of the art infrastructure and systems investing in your future.

Numerous Options

A large network of Australian owned suppliers with volume in our supply chain ensures we have plentiful offerings available to our clients. Our exposure in multiple facets of residential property brings more options to our clients.

Value for Money

Our approach is scalable, meaning we save along the way for high quality offering. Our offerings are high quality while they are sustainable in costs providing our clients value for money in every product offering.

Built with YOU in mind

Presenting a large portfolio of Single and Double storied homes, with offering the flexibility of tailoring it to your own liking is at the core of Qove Homes’, as we believe it’s the way to residential housing. At Qove Homes, we get personal.

Market trends

At Qove communities, we hand pick strategic locations in key growth areas to deliver sustainable and friendly communities with desirable housing lots to suit budget and lifestyle in a fast moving market.


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