QOVE About

Qove is a visionary property investment, development and construction company operating primarily in the residential, commercial and mixed use sectors. Qove specialises in the acquisition and transformation of properties in some of Australia’s most promising growth corridors.

Since 2007, Qove’s governance and management team has engrained and assembled industry connections and expertise which empowers its operations from project acquisition, planning and development approvals, project finance, marketing and distribution, construction and project management to handover and settlements and thus facilitates risk mitigation in the complex environment of property development.

The project and construction management system in place is structured and protocol based encompassing essential tools to assist in planning, budgeting, organising, staffing, directing, coordinating and reporting project performance and therefore enables risk minimisation in demanding project environments.

Qove is known for creating skylines and leaving a lasting social and environmental legacy in the areas in which we operate. We value our long term relationships, and so we invest heavily in our clients, stakeholders and sub-contractors, and most importantly our people.

Through decades of experience in the industry, we recognise unique opportunities in property. We respond decisively, harnessing the expert skills and capabilities of our team to create positive, sustainable outcomes for the people we work with, the community and the environment.