At Qove, we focus on protecting people and the local environment, promoting economic development, and rendering with communities and society. We are conscientious for our environment, utilising products and practices to minimise impacts on our natural resources. Environmental sustainability is incorporated in all processes and practices in each project. We recognise that the sustainable environmental friendly approaches are more efficient, most beneficial to health and well-being as well as resilient over a longer period. Our designs and ideologies are strictly based around:

  • Eliminating waste
  • Responsible waste disposal
  • Municipalities land and environmental
  • Planning policies
  • Development control plans
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainability of local flora and fauna
  • Protecting and implementing biodiversity
  • Recyclable and reusable materials
  • BASIX indices
  • Green buildings
  • Thermal sustainability
  • Water regulated recovery/treatment
  • Sustaining catchment areas and local
  • Ecosystems