At Qove, we implement world-class health & safety Plans on every project as everyone deserves a safe, healthy, and secure work environment including our employees, clients, partners, and the public.

Qove is a leading construction company in Australia, enforcing the safety program as equal importance as any other management concern, including cost, scheduling, quality control and productivity. Our safety culture begins in engineering design and continues throughout the life cycle of the project confirming a consistent approach in the whole extent. Our leaders actively participate on national and local safety committees that shape policy and best practices in the industry.

To conduct safety excellence Qove carries out the following procedures:
  • In each project, a health & safety representative is assigned to keep comprehensive safety records.
  • All employees are responsible for health & safety issues to implement Qove’s safety excellence to all participants as well as visitors and adjacent communities.
  • Our dedicated team consistently monitor, audit and appraise all the health & safety performance using approved metrics.
  • Developing comprehensive and project-specific health & safety program in accordance with Australian safety standards and legal requirements.
  • Promoting health & safety culture among all personnel employed by Qove as well as our clients and third parties.
  • Continuing to reinforce its position as one of the leading contractors in identifying hazards and then thoroughly assessed and addressed before execution of engineering, procurement, and construction activities for each project, including appropriate training where necessary.