The building and construction industry requires a professional understanding of quality assurance elements to build an effective quality management system. Our dedicated team members are specialised in planning and implementing systematic actions to provide confidence and achieve customer satisfaction. Reputation and trust are the foundations to becoming a pioneer in the building and construction industry. As such, in order to build customer confidence, Qove ensures that the highest quality is reached in each project unswervingly.

Further, the finest quality can be assured in construction by continuously monitoring the development of plans and specifications. Often architectural and engineering plans and specifications may change during the construction phase of a complex project due to the betterment. It is crucial that the procedures for incorporating these alterations into the construction designs be well developed and systematically followed. Our quality assurance team constantly monitors to identify areas of improvement within client expectations and other compliance requirements and conduct them in line with industry best practices.

An effective quality assurance program minimises construction cost while meeting all the specifications in the plans and designs. The qualifications and expertise of Qove’s personnel ensure that the engineering plans and specifications are being met or exceeded throughout the construction process and followed accordingly.